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Sails Restaurant Muri Lagoon during Vaka Eiva 05 / at night / photos: Archi
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Sails Restaurant Muri Lagoon during Vaka Eiva 05 / at night / photos: Archi

Restaurants around Muri Beach and Tamarind House

Rarotonga’s first award-winning >>> Flame Tree Restaurant is right next door. To get there, just walk up to the main road, turn left and take the next road back towards the beach. The restaurant offers good value for money. The food served is very nice and tasty. Most dishes are served with rice and a complimentary salad. The prompt local staff members Shannon and Paul can recommend you various dishes and drinks, and know what children like to eat. - The Flame Tree´s wine menu shows taste and experience. They offer a full range of 62 wines plus aperetifs, beers, cocktails and champagne. You can sit indoors or on their roofed terrace. Flame Tree staff play nice local island music CDs and evergreens.
It´s a place where our visitor couples really like to go for dinner. They enjoy eating in their calm and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated with handprinted fabric art with a smooth light coming from behind, showing African and Polynesian themes. The Flame Tree was chosen Restaurant of the Year in 1989 by Cuisine NZ during Sue´s ownership. The new owners are specialists in exotic cuisine from around the world and run the restaurant in a very professional manner. After dining you can move to a separate area and enjoy a smoke and a cocktail while sitting on comfortable rattan furniture, with nice green plants around you. - Price range for mains : 19.00 NZD to 37.50 NZD/CID, cash and creditcards accepted
Open daily from 6pm / Phone 25123 / Fax 25124 flametree@cookislands.co.ck / www.flametreerestaurant.com


>>>Stefano´s Italian Cuisine is located on the main road in Muri. You can sit on their wooden deck under a roof and enjoy fresh pasta, salad and wine. Authentic italian food. If you´ve never tasted real fresh pasta before, it´s an amazing experiance you should not miss. (please have a look at the first photo on the left) Stefano´s Italian Cuisine is owned and operated by Roberta Lugli and Stefano Manelli from Italy, who are very nice and friendly people. They are very flexible and showed the best performance during the restaurant test page writing. A typical Italian family restaurant that also provides some nice magazines if you want to read while you listen to music from southern Europe ;-) Enjoy your meals there, it is a very nice place to go.
Price range for mains : 17.50 NZD to 23.50 NZD/CID
, cash and creditcards accepted.
Open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday from 05:30 pm, Monday closed.
Phone 22232 / pasta@oyster.net.ck / stefanos-restaurant-rarotonga.com


>>> the POINT Restaurant and Bar, part of Muri Beach Club Hotel, opened its doors in December 2005. You´ll find it only 250 metres down the beach to the right. It´s a very nice looking quality restaurant that offers a wide international menu to dine in an indulgent club atmosphere. - Very nice food they serve. Only two months after opening they have already set a new beachmark in dining with their Valentines Dinner, where the POINT was full of locals in their late 30s, enjoying a delicous 3 course menu. - Eating their you might listen to contemporary music with lots of soul. The restaurant´s kitchen has glas walls so you can have a close look how the chefs prepare and decorate the food. Diners must be 18 years and over. The UPSTAIRS lounge, equiped with comfortable sofas has opened recently. The Lounge has the best possible views and later will be suitable for functions, business meetings and even small conferences. You can also enter the POINT restaurant barefoot by the beach door. They have very nice local staff in TAV dresses ;-) The Club-Hotel´s decoration is exceptional and arty, find out yourself. Great views onto Muri Lagoon and the hotel´s swimming pool area. - The owners family Scott are considering hosting a nice and exceptional annual Christmas dinner party.
Price range for mains : from 15.50 NZD to 32.50 NZD/CID
, cash and creditcards accepted.
The POINT Restaurant is open daily for breakfast from 07:00 until 10:30,
for lunch 10:30 until 05:00 pm and dinner 06:00 pm until 09:30 pm.
Phone 23000 extention 816 or 806 / escapa@muribeach.co.ck


About 500 metres to the right along the beach you’ll find the Pacific Resort’s >>> Sandals Restaurant, and the Barefoot Bar overlooking Muri lagoon. The restaurant´s menus show the huge experience they have gained over the years. Nice Polynesian food with local names, lots of fresh fish and also international meals. They are good with soups too. Recently the menu cards became more present and colourful. Sandals is very kid-friendly. Frequently a local serenader or a small stringband performs. Sandals Restaurant also offers an all-you-can-eat-breakfast buffet from 07:30am to 10:30am - Every friday night is island night at Sandals with live music and a drum dance performance starting just after dinner. Sandals and Barefoot Bar are also celebrating a so called "Pacific night" on all Monday evenings ;-)
The unique and relaxed atmosphere in the seperate Barefoot Bar is truly tropical, and during the day you´ll meet international travellers who make use of the Wifi Hotspot to communicate with the world by laptop computer while having a tropical cocktail. -
The Pacific Resort began with only six Bungalows in 1988 and has grown successfully since then. The Resort has developed a Polynesian style that has become a model for the Cook Islands. You can eat indoors, on the small terrace or right on the beach where you can sit on their beach with your feet in the warm sand, overlooking Muri Lagoon while dining.
If it comes to a power blackout on the island, the Pacific Resort is the recommended place to eat. They operate a power generator. - kia manuia. Price range for mains : 15.00 NZD to 31.50 NZD/CID, cash and creditcards accepted.
Open daily for Breakfast from 7:30 am, Lunch from 11:00 am and Dinner from 6:00pm. - Happy hour from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Phone 20427 / rarotonga@pacificresort.co.ck


You will find >>> Sails Restaurant and Bar just another 100 metres further down along the beach. Sails has a superb view across the lagoon. Their menu shows an amazing deepness and a wide knowledge in Polynesian cuisine. Very nice food served at Sails. They also offer a big variety of drinks from cocktails to wines and a good range of affordable sparkling wines too.
The menu also cares for kids needs and contents some useful written visitor information ;-) Sails is also hosting the annual Muri Sprints / Vaka Eiva Paddling and managed to organize very nice and popular new year´s eve parties. As long as we know them, Sails staff always played the coolest contemporary music on Muri Beach. Enjoy your dinner in a tropical atmosphere on their deck or inside with candles, plants and indirect light. You´ll be well off to buy yourself a decent "Sails shirt" that prooves that you´ve made it to Muri Beach ;-) in the South Pacific.

As they are also the base of the Rarotonga Sailing Club, the history of this place goes back to 1940 ! - The new building you´ll be dining in, has been opend in 2000 and offers a very decent but also relaxed atmosphere. The special RSC club menu operates every saturday, it is designed to promote the Rarotonga Sailing Club and encourage visitors and locals to come down and enjoy the facility. - Price range for these special meals only : 7.50 NZD to 15.50 NZD/CID, cash and creditcards accepted.
Operating hours : 7 days a week, Lunch from 11:00 am, Dinner from 06:00 pm. - Sunday brunch from 10:30 am. Price range for mains : from 12.50 NZD to 28.50 NZD/CID, cash and creditcards accepted. Phone 27349 / Fax 27106 / dine@sailsrestaurant.co.ck / www.sailsrestaurant.co.ck


The >>>Tamarind House is a very excellent restaurant located in upper Tupapa, a couple of kilometers before you reach the Avarau township on the beachside. International and polynesian meals on the menu. The food they serve is of an amazing quality ;-) To make it perfect, they also offer a huge variety in drinks, coffees, deserts and wine. (You can order a delicious fruit smoothie that is not on the menu.) The upper deck with the bar is just spacy enough to have big cocktail party functions where you stand, walk and talk.
A very good place to mingle with the locals. Many islanders go there. From the dining terrace you have an excellent view onto the surf, the ocean and the horizon line. A fine restaurant in a colonial building with traditions. The beautiful staff is competent and wears beautiful polynesian-indian dresses. Tamarind is owner operated. Sue is mostly present and if you buy the Tropical Garden Cookbook she wrote, you can get it signed personaly. - Price range for mains : 15.50 NZD to 33.50 NZD/CID
, cash and creditcards accepted
Tamarind House Restaurant is open Mo-Sat for breakfast from 10:00, for lunch from 11:30 until 2:30 pm and for dinner from 06:00 pm on. - Happy
hour 4:30 pm to 6:00pm. Phone 26486 / tamarind@cookislands.co.ck


>>> Come down to Rarotonga and experience the Polynesian cuisine <<<

Usually you can just walk into these restaurants and wait to be seated, but it is recommended to book in advance. For groups and special occasions it is highly recommended to make a reservation by phone. Your early reservation enables the restaurants to reserve you a nice, interesting table and to plan and purchase fresh food for the next days ...

Last edit : 9 Feb 2016 

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