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Rules of
the road

Rules of the road flyer that is handed out to you by
the Cook Islands Police with your driving licence.
Cook Islands Driving Licence Sample (your signature on the backside)
"Rules of the road" flyer handed out by Cook Islands Police


Kia orana


- Rarotonga and the rest of the Cook Islands is a relaxable enjoyable
place. Don´t be in a hurry. Drive at a leisurely pace. Relax and
enjoy the magic of our beautiful islands scenery and unhurried lifestyle. 

- In the Cook Islands, we drive on the lefthand side of the road. Remind
yourself when you get into your vehicle, and also when you are turning left. 

- The speed limit is 30km/h in a restricted and 50km/h on open road.
Giveaway = Yield to oncoming traffic 

- There are NO traffic lights and only "one " pedestrian crosswalks
and a few sidewalks, so please drive carefully. 

- Watch for children and their pets near or in the roadway.
Watch for people walking in or crossing the street at all times. 

- Take extra care when driving on unsealed roads.
Watch for loose gravel and potholes. 

- Only two persons are permitted on a motorbike, seated astride,
not side ways. Pillion passenger to be seated behind driver. 

- Do not leave valuable items, such as money, camera, passport and wallet
in the car or motorbike unattended. Please don´t leave your keys in the car
or motorbike and remember to lock them when unattended. 

- Pedestrians and bicyclists are urged to use the side of the road, not the middle. 

- Buses make frequent stops, so please be extra careful and watch for off-loading
passengers, especially school children who may suddenly dart or run across the road. 

- Passengers riding in the back of a pick-up truck must sit
in the bed of the truck, not on the side rails. 

>>> RULES OF THE ROAD >>> by Cook Islands Police >>>


(it might also be safer to have the light on during daytime to be seen,
just as this beautiful Cook Islands police officer shows you here ;-)

Cook Islands Police reminded public in January 2006 that driving
on scooters or motorbikes without helmet is only allowed up to a
speed of 40 km/h. - Most villages are restricted speed zones that
allow not more then 40km/h. - All people who want to check out the
40 km/h speed in unrestricted areas have to wear a suitable helmet.
Helmets used on pushbikes are not suitable. - Have a look at the
beautiful police officer again. - She shows you the right dress ...


voted most beautyful police officer of the world by Sokala Villas webmaster (and archi has travelled the world extensivly)