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Vaka Eiva
Preview 2006

 Vaka Eiva 2006    
- Tina´s Training
- Thomas´s Training
- Johana´s Training
- Paula´s Training
- Kara´s Training
 Guests´ Photos    
Tonga you are great, you look great and can win that race ...
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Local sportsmen Tonga McBride has been 2nd in Round Raro OC1 Relay Race
A new canoe and a cool haircut tells me that he will be hard to beat next time
Photo: archi © cookislands.com

sorry for the poor photo´s, archi had only minutes to realize your paddeled statement
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Tonga showed up on Muri Lagoon to do his statement and swimming practice
Whom will he choose as his partner for the ocean training sessions. Conrad?
Photo: archi © cooislands.com

archi would like to make another photo with your partner for Round Raro Relay Race later
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We will follow this development and try to learn how to do better sport photos
Motivation to win an important race is part our life. But family is important too
Photo: archi © cookislands.com

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