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Businesscard Inano Mc Murchy / polynesian massage
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Inano Mc Murchy operates a mobile massage service whereby
you can enjoy a
treatment in the luxury of your villa
Photo: archi © cookislands.com

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Inano McMurchy

Mana o Te Rima
(Power of the Hands)

Reputable mobile massage service available in the comfort of your home or tourist accomodation.

For bookings please phone Inano on telephone 50296 or 21296. Duration : 60 minutes
Cost : 70 NZD

Encounter the wonderfully- scented oils of the Cook Islands combined with the touch of relaxation for an aromatic and authentic experience.

Inano's client on the massage table
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Inano's client is ready for a relaxing polynesian massage
Photo: Inano Mc Murchy

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