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 Photos 2006

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The couples hands on her flowerbouqet / flowers on the beach / photos: William
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The couples hands on her flowerbouqet / flowers on the beach / photos: William

Maria and Igor Maria and Igor

Maria Davies and

Igor Keniz

from Australia

married 30 October 2006

Lisa and Howard Lisa and Howard

Lisa Crossley and

Howard Widdop

from England

married 17 October 2006

Clare and Garry Clare and Garry

Clare Osborne and

Garry Marashlian

from New Zealand

married 16 September 2006

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... most of the beautiful wedding photos on this page are taken by wedding photographer:

- William Tuiravakai
of Island Photo

usually it is Island Photo
who works with you if you have booked one of the
romantic packages ...

Emma and Mark with family and friends Emma and Mark

Emma Cook and

Mark Armstrong

from New Zealand

married 5 September 2006

Melodie Lyons and

David Johnston

from New Zealand

married 24th August 2006

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to all of you ...
the islands of love
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Jill Watts and

Alex Slifka

from Australia

married 22nd July 2006

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" Yes " and " Yes "

...dear honeymooners
we assort you by date
but that only means
that we don´t want forget

how nice it has been
to assist you here
on your very special day
we wish you all the best

sincerely your
sokala villas
wedding team

Dahlia Phillips and

Jason Kruyer

from New Zealand

married 11th July 2006

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Marsha May and

Jamie Stone

from Canada

married 11th May 2006

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Tham and Markus Tham and Markus

Tham and Markus


from Germany

married 9th May 2006

Jan Stratford and

Craig Hughan

from New Zealand

married 1st May 2006

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Nancy Eng and

Hamish Wilson

from Canada

married 05th Jan 2006

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Karen Lees and

Glenn Fenwick

from Australia

married 11th Feb 2006

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