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part of the beachfront with guests / Sokala Villas beachdoor / photos: Archi
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part of the beachfront with guest / Sokala Villas beachdoor / photos: Archi

Free snorkeling equipment - reef shoes - free paddle boats - tropical fish
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There’s great snorkeling in the lagoon. We have complimentary snorkeling gear available up at the office. In case we are not in, we keep our snorkel gear in the big green timber box  (come up the stairs and the green box is on the deck outside the office to your right) you are more than welcome to help yourselves.  If it is locked, we'll give you the combination to unlock it.

The lagoon in front of Sokala Villas and about 500 metres on both sides is one of five protected marine areas on Rarotonga, where fishing is prohibited. When you have finished snorkeling, please don’t leave the snorkeling gear in direct sunlight.

Another good place for snorkelling is directly off motu Taakoka on the seaward side of this small island at the right hand side of Muri lagoon, and also an area known as Coral Gardens. This is in the next village from us opposite the Fruits of Rarotonga. If the shop is open they will also look after your belongings if you have any. You can feed the fish there, so take some bread grumbs with you.

Always wear protective footwear in the lagoon and on the reef. Feel free to walk along the beach, as it is public property up to the average high water mark.

Across the main road at the entrance to Sokala Villas is Pacific Divers, which operates ocean dives daily at 9am and 2pm, as well as run a dive certification course.

We have 6 sit on paddle boats that you may borrow anytime, the paddles are kept on the side of the villa just across from the office stairs. We recommend that you paddle to the right keeping on this side of the little islands. Its very nice to take a picnic lunch and paddle across to Motu Koromiri which is the islet right across from the Pacific Resort.

After using the canoes please ensure that you pull them right back up on the beach, well away from the water mark and return the paddles to its rightful place. Thank you. Meitaki maata

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Snorkeling and Paddling equipment for you

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